Gourmet Olive Oil Mediterranean Diet

Gourmet Olive Oil Mediterranean Diet

Since more than half of million US citizens die because of heart disease every year, it is clear that this disease of the main cause of death in this country. However, if we consider changing our diets, we can considerably reduce the risks of developing heart diseases and other similar conditions that plague the Western society in the present times. After numerous studies, researchers have discovered more information regarding the relationship between these chronic diseases and our diet, and how the consumption of olive oil can help us prevent heart disease.

Out of the seven countries involved in the study, Greece displayed the lowest incidence of heart disease. The Mediterranean diet has also helped individuals from this region to lower the risks of other dangerous diseases that are really popular in the United States. Besides olive oil, people that live in the Mediterranean region consume mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains and foods that are rich in antioxidants, compared to the Americans who rely mostly on processed foods.

Olive Oil Culinary Use Mediterranean Diet

As a primary source of fat, the Greeks used olive oil, which is a monounsaturated fat. Used in numerous recipes, we can say that it is an important dietary ingredient that differentiates the Mediterranean diet from the Western diets. Other regions use butter, margarine or other similar foods as fat sources, unaware of the dangers presented by these saturated fats. Besides the great flavor that it can add to some recipes, olive oil can also be used in dressing salads or other cooking sessions.

The percentage of calories obtained from fat often exceeds the recommended barrier in the American diet, unlike the Mediterranean diet that includes mostly monounsaturated fat that comes from olive oil. The risk of developing heart disease is increased by the consumption of saturated fats, since this compound forms LDL cholesterol in the body. Olive oil is free of this negative effect since it is a monounsaturated fats. If Americans increase their total fat intake, they will automatically gain weight since they are not physically active.

Olive Oil Health Mediterranean Diet

Compared to other vegetable oils, olive oil contains lower percentages of linolenic acid. This compound may compete with fatty acids that are rich in omega-3 in decreasing the tendency of blood to clot. Consuming foods rich in polyunsaturated fat can lead to tumor development, according to some studies performed on animals. You can avoid these risks simply by replacing the polyunsaturated fat with olive oil or similar sources of monounsaturated fat. Vitamin E can help the body prevent heart diseases, and olive oil contains important amounts of this antioxidant.

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