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Oil And Vinegar Cruet Ideal Culinary Gift

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

A charming grape cruet makes an ideal gift for a wedding shower. It also would be perfect for the anniversary gift you have been shopping for. The glass grape cluster on the inside is spectacular when filled with oil and vinegar. This will make a wonderful addition to a friend’s kitchen!

Don’t ignore or forget that Anniversary. This is the one day a year that is special for you and your partner. Traditionally celebrations often involve giving and receiving of cards and gifts that match the anniversary year being celebrated. Often these gifts are made of a specific material that symbolizes the year being celebrated.

Culinary Gift Oil and Vinegar Cruet

Our glass cruets are hand blown by glass makers in the Czech republic and also other fine European artisans. See our Gourmet Gift Set Gourmet Combinations of Award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with exquisite European hand blown cruets and Oil Lamps.

We have a wonderful assortment of oil and vinegar cruets, dipping dishes, and award winning olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar that makes a nice gift set. The glass cruets are hand crafted and custom made in Europe.

Gourmet Gift Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar

Need a Christmas gift that is unusual? Thinking holiday, food, wine or culinary? Our oil and vinegar cruets are unique gift items imported from the Czech Republic. Think you may prepare a gourmet dinner for the parents’ anniversary present? Add flare and style with a beautiful oil and vinegar cruet. Need Italian recipes plus great balsamic vinaigrette recipes?

Wedding anniversary gift year by year – traditional gift idea list Wedding anniversary gifts Each wedding anniversary has a special meaning for a type of gift – both traditional and modern. When choosing an anniversary gift, keep in mind what your spouse would enjoy – just because the traditional anniversary gift list says “wood” doesn’t mean you can’t give the gift of glass or another delightful and useful item.

Unique Gift

If you’re in a hurry or just tired of looking at countless anniversary gift ideas, then check out our popular anniversary gifts, such as a gourmet oil and vinegar set. for the best culinary gift ideas for a wedding.

Unique Gourmet Gifts For Every Kitchen

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Unique Gourmet Gifts

When you need some ideas for a unique gourmet gift for chefs, or if you are looking for the perfect present for that special couple, browse our selection of elegant kitchen glassware.

If you have a special occasion coming up or you’re looking for some personalized birthday gift ideas – then you’ve come to the right place. The glass cruets featured at this site are made in Europe under safe conditions and have the highest U.S. Government rating. Beware of the cheap cruet imitations sold at discount price clubs, kitchen and import stores. These imitations are made of low-quality glass and are manufactured in China. Our gift sets or are ideal for every occasion.

Unique Gourmet Gifts

Our oil dipping dishes are more than just beautiful, they are designed with functional and practical aspects in mind. Gifts sets available. Unique gourmet birthday gift ideas. Shop online and you will find birthday gifts if you are searching for: personalized gifts for birthday, birthday gift ideas, unique birthday gifts for someone special, great birthday or anniversary gifts for mom, gift ideas for birthday, birthday gifts for him, birthday gifts for her, perfect gift ideas for your special birthday friend, unique ideas for birthday gifts, birthday gift ideas for dad, or birthday gifts ideas.

Oil and Vinegar Cruets make great unique gourmet gifts

Unique and with an interesting look, each of our cruets, or “cruits” are extremely functional. The hand-blown glass container actually has two separate glass compartments within it. The outer compartment holds the oil and separates it from the inner compartment, which holds the vinegar. The simple, yet elegant design makes it easy for pouring, serving and storing. Great Christmas present.

Unique Gourmet Gift For Your Special Chef

Friday, November 14th, 2008

Unique Gourmet Gift For Your Special Chef

Are you looking for the perfect present for that special chef in your life?

Splash a salad‘ with our oil and vinegar cruet from The most unique gourmet gift innovation since the creation of salad dressing. Any of the beautiful cruets we offer will make a very tasteful and elegant statement on your dinner table and will also be an interesting conversation piece. If you are looking for something unique to add to your kitchen collection then you should view our wonderful glassware selection. These are not just another gadget for your kitchen. Not only are these decorative and useful, but they also serve as a useful addition to your collection of fine hand blown glass collectible. They make perfect unique gourmet gifts for chefs, kitchens, and dining tables.

Unique Gourmet Gift

Kitchen, culinary, and table gift glassware handcrafted by artisans in Europe and the US. Create an atmosphere to share special moments with friends and family.

Valentines Day Ideas For Her

Sunday, January 15th, 2017

Don’t think you have to stick with the dinner and a movie rut this Valentine’s Day

there are options and different date ideas that will make this Valentine’s Day date memorable!

Gourmet Gifts

Cute and romantic Valentine’s Day ideas can include;

Cook a romantic meal at home, a spa day, Find a wine tasting winery nearby, or just visit the park for a walk or picnic . Get a card and a gift and that is where this story begins.

We all want to present a gift that doesn’t look like a last minute choice from Target or Wal-Mart

, we want special… Read the rest of this original post 1-15-17 here.
Even if you don’t know how to cook, you can have a wine and cheese, bread dipping hors d’oeuvres of good times and munchies that will be long remembered because of the cute valentine’s day gifts that you leave with your sweetheart.

Don’t forget the flowers but the chocolate is optional, if you are not into sweets and going out for pizza have the pie made in the shape of a heart, a call ahead might make for a more harmonious outcome.

Mothers Day Gift Delivered

Friday, January 06th, 2017

Mothers Day Gift Delivered that reflects healthy.

Gourmet Gift ideas for someone who likes to cook or unique gifts for chefs are found here.
Salad Dressing with flavor and a healthy aspect. Dressings, dips or vinaigrettes.

Check out the gift List

Gourmet Gifts

for all gift giving occasions.
There are many different types of oils and vinegars which can be used to create a simple vinaigrette but the basic ingredients are always extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar and salt and pepper.

The simplest dressing of all is vinaigrette.Vinaigrette is made by combining oil and vinegar, and, although there are many other ingredients that can substitute for vinegar if preferred, it is important to create the right balance of oil and vinegar by using one part vinegar to three parts oil. If you are concerned about health issues a ratio of to parts oil to one part vinegar will achieve good results.

Gourmet Gifts

You may have chosen and bought the freshest, most inspired seasonal salad vegetables but without a salad dressing the combination of chosen produce seems uninspired and boring.

A salad dressing will complement and bring out the full potential of all your salad ingredients and all their natural flavors.

To read more of this post continue here, Gifts for cooking enthusiasts. This post, “Mothers Day Gift Delivered” was first posted 12/24/2016, at

Gourmet Gift Carnival

Saturday, May 02nd, 2015

Give a Gourmet Gift.
Knowing your friend’s culinary interest makes selecting a gourmet gift a lot easier as opposed to finding a generic present that may or may not appeal to them.
Personal knowledge about the recipient can also help you in the gift selection process. If they are allergic to dairy products a boutique goat cheese would not be in order. The old standby of purchasing a bottle of wine could be offset with a gourmet bottle of balsamic vinegar instead. Gourmet gift video.

Depending on the closeness of your relationship you may need to inquire about their personal likes and distastes. If the gift is for a new friendship you may consider checking their social networking profile or page to see if they have indicated any foodie preferences, such as Italian food, fresh spring salads, or even bread dipping. If you have acquaintance with their other friends or family you may also inquire with a little discretion regarding what they like. Often décor and collectables in the kitchen offer hints of what folks like. Your friend may have knick knacks of Italy, Tuscany vineyard and grape clusters as part of their kitchen motif. An ideal gift may be authentic Italian olive oil and balsamic vinegar, or perhaps a unique oil and vinegar cruet. A little observation is often all you need to determine an appropriate gift selection.

Have a budget. A rule of thumb is: The older and closer you are to the recipient, the more you may be inclined to spend. That doesn’t mean you have to buy them the caviar, smoked salmon, and black truffle sauce gift basket. Realistically consider something unique, something practical, and something of quality, such as a hand blown glass cruet for oil and vinegar from Europe.

Add gift wrapping. Wrapping a gift is not just for children. It simply makes the gift special, and when done with style, it will add a touch of class. Choose a wrapping paper that is not gaudy and a ribbon that is color complementary. A professional gift wrap adds sophistication that will be appreciated.

Do not forget to include a note card. The anonymous gourmet gift can cause far more than mystery. The result could be offensive. Take the time to write a polite short and sweet message on the note card. A set of stoneware bread dipping dishes with Italian herbs and spices arriving unsigned would naturally cause one to wonder who they were meant to be shared with.

Holidays and gift occasions will sometimes warrant you posting the gift, especially if you are a long distance apart. Send your gourmet gift by Priority Mail, and be sure to get a tracking number. This way you will know when it arrives and can make a follow up call to see how elated they are to receive such a thoughtful gift.

Gourmet Gifts For All Occasions

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Gourmet gifts for the holidays serves two purposes.

A surprise gift of value that tastes good. The happiest of holidays start with gift giving. Gourmet gifts are pleasing to the eye and in most cases a treat for the palate!

• Chistmas, Hanukkah, Sadeh, St. Patrick’s Day, Kwanzaa, Malanka, New Year’s, Easter– Every holiday should have an appreciation Chef’s gift, host/hostess gift, or just a thank you gourmet gift to show how much the hospitality is appreciated.
• – Every Age of recipient is covered in a gourmet gift, especially the tasting part of the gift.

On What Occasions does apply?

• Mother’s Day Gift – Elegant gourmet gifts appeal to Mom’s Good Taste, Fabulous Table décor, and our collection of beautiful gifts are guaranteed to make your Mother’s Day a special event.
• Annivesary Gift, Both recipients can enjoy the taste and beauty of the gourmet gift.
• Birthday Gift – “When a gift card won’t cut it”, our gourmet gifts will highlight the birthday celebration with unique appeal for every adult age.
• Wedding Gift & Shower Gift – There will not be another identical gift to your gifts on the shower table when you gift our array of gourmet gifts. These individual European hand blown specialties are guaranteed to wow the bride and groom.

Singles Day Gift is a day for people who are single,

celebrated on November 11, who decide, “I’ll buy this for myself because I deserve it!”
• Corporate – The Gourmet gift is perfect for coworkers, clients as well as, corporate gifts for vendors.
• Host or hostess gifts are the ideal destination for chef gifts, gourmet gifts, the grape cruet and the ensemble of Oil and Vinegar, Herbs and dipping dishes.

Discover fabulous gifts for all your celebrations!
• Gourmet Gifts – European artisan made Hand Blown Glass, grape cruet, ambiance matching oil candles, dipping dishes, gourmet olive oil, balsamic vinegar,
• Chef Gifts – No matter your knowledge of vinaigrettes, bread dipping or Italian Dining, you will appear as an aficionado. Our gifts are of the most unique in the world and are elegantly paired with gourmet foods.
• Cooking Gifts – single or combination gifts will please the cook of any kitchen.

If you are desiring to create fond memories, big smiles and a successful gift giving occasion the recommendation is for the great gourmet gift ideas, timely shipments. The Finest Gourmet accoutrements,
when you send gourmet gifts from
your recipients will be delighted that you included them. Take a look at the entire collection.

Gourmet Gifts that include the famous hand blown grape cruet.

Spaghettini With Olive Oil, Garlic, And Parsley

Wednesday, January 01st, 2014

Spaghettini With Olive Oil, Garlic, And Parsley Recipe

  • Six tablespoons extra virgin olive oil drizzled from your olive oil cruet
  • One pound Tagliolini or Spaghettini
  • One dried chili pepper
  • Three tablespoons Italian parsley
  • Sea Salt
  • Two cloves of garlic
  • Fresh black ground pepper

Cut and peel the garlic. Then crush the chili pepper. Wash and chop the parsley. Take out your largest pot and fill with water and set to boil. Add the sea salt and the Spaghettini. Stir for 10 minutes.

Pour the olive oil in a small pan and heat up, then add the seasoning, garlic, and the chili. Cook for one minute then remove. Sprinkle the parsley in and then drain the pasta. Then pour the contents over into the pasta and blend together and serve.

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